Request for Pulpcore 3.28 builds

I’d like to request that Pulpcore 3.28 get built for the next release of Katello: 4.10. Here are the following versions:

Pulpcore 3.28
pulp-rpm 3.22
pulp-file 1.14
pulp-container 2.15
pulp-ansible 0.18
pulp-deb 2.21
pulp-ostree 2.1
pulp-python 3.10
pulp-certguard 1.6
pulp-cli 0.19

We are hoping to do a pulp-deb 3.0 release soon, which we would ultimately like to get into Katello 4.10, but that can just be upgraded whenever it is out.

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Ack I’ll start to work on it, I still need to take a look in all the updates that will be necessary for Django 4.x, this might take a little longer.

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/It’s finally here Index of /pulpcore/3.28, after a long battle against PEP-517 packages we have the repo published.

The good part of this release is that from now on we will be able to build packages that use flit/poetry/hatch.

@Odilhao @iballou Is the plan still to start using pulpcore 3.28 for Katello 4.10?

From the last meeting notes it looks like this is still the plan: Release Team Meeting 2023-08-09

Yes indeed! We’ve just finished running Katello tests against Pulpcore 3.28 and upgraded plugins.