Request for Pulpcore 3.48 builds

Hello community + Foreman delivery team,

I am requesting RPMs for Pulpcore 3.48 so we can upgrade for Katello 4.13. Here are the specific versions:

pulp-ansible                             0.21.3
pulp-cli                                 0.23.2
pulp-container                           2.18.0
pulp-deb                                 3.2.0
pulp-glue                                0.23.2
pulp-ostree                              2.3.0
pulp-python                              3.11.0
pulp-rpm                                 3.25.1
pulpcore                                 3.48.0

Thank you!

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Note that pulp-file and pulp-certguard aren’t included – they now live in Core.

We will still need Ruby API clients for certguard and file.

If it is not too late, I would like to request use of pulp-deb 3.2.0 instead of 3.1.2.

Both versions are compatible with pulpcore 3.48.0.

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That’s fine by me, it’s not too late.

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Soon Pulpcore 3.49 will be released – let’s just grab whatever is latest when it comes time to start building.

@Odilhao once that point is reached let me know – we’ll start integrating with that specific version by installing via pip.

We’ll want to make sure As a user I want to differentiate between different nature of images · Issue #1437 · pulp/pulp_container · GitHub gets into Katello 4.13. It sounds like there might be some additional PRs needed, but I suppose even if we start building on March 19th, we could always pick up a new pulp-container y-version later. cc @lubosmj

Sort of. The change is merged now. I am willing to release it this week in 2.19. I was just thinking whether it is worth for you waiting even a bit more to get a newer pulp-container y-version which will contain Artifactless Manifests. This might land in 2.20 (2-3 weeks from now).

It might be beneficial to have Artifactless Manifests included in the build because we expect performance gains since Pulp will no longer need to look into the filesystem to serve or store content. Instead, data will be available immediately from the DB model. We are introducing django management commands for migrating data from the filesystem to DB models (useful for users who do not want to run blocking migrations causing potential downtime).

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We can start now the branching with 2.19 and move to 2.20 when it’s released, unless @iballou wants to stick to one version after we branch.

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If build-wise we’re okay, I say we get the newest pulp-container possible into Katello 4.13. So yeah I agree with you @Odilhao , we can get pulp-container 2.20 in when it’s released. If it’s a couple weeks from Katello 4.12 GA we should still be okay to comfortably upgrade to it.