Request to Add F28 to Koji

It’s that time again, Fedora is gearing up to release F28, and it appears to be on time. It should be out on May 1st, and pulp will need to start adding it into it’s supported distributions.

To help offset the cost of adding the F28, we can remove the following,

149G fedora24-x86_64
107G fedora25-x86_64

Bumping this request, since there hasn’t been movement yet, and F26 will EOL soon.

Is there anyone who can help add a repo on koji?

If not doced here

I will defer to @lzap

I am on the road this week without my private ssh keys, but looking at report from logwatch it looks like there won’t be enough space for another Fedora release

/dev/xvdx1      886G  733G  109G  88% /mnt/koji

We’d need to drop an old Fedora release in exchange as it is about 40 GB in size. Disk usage was constantly increasing for about 10% so the remaining 12% we should keep as a safety net.

Until I am back on Monday, @ehelms can help if you need it earlier. Sorry I have missed this thread.

When you get back is fine. As mentioned in the initial message, but probably missed, we can remove the following repos:

149G fedora24-x86_64
107G fedora25-x86_64

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@ehelms we briefly touched this topic on our Brno meeting with @ekohl but I’d like to officially hand over all Koji management to your team. Last time I was doing some changes if I remember clearly we ended up reinstalling it from scratch and I don’t use Koji directly anymore at all. I think lots of things should be automated.

Let’s do a handover meeting if needed and after that I’d like get my ssh keys removed. I can do anytime next week.

Meeting set up. If anyone not initially invited would like to join please let me know.

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@pcreech I assume the external repos can wait until the meeting, if not just let me know and I will do it. I will delete the two fedoras tho, please confirm before (there might be Pulp/Candlepin teams).


Yeah, waiting for the meeting works for me. Sorry for the delayed response, I don’t frequent here as much as I should.

As pulp’s release engineer, I can confirm that we no longer ship repos for either of those. We still build against f25 nightly, but I’ll go ahead and remove that now.

Looks like katello 3.5 still supports f25, so until 3.7 is out we probably need to keep f25 around just a little bit longer. F24 though should be good to remove.