Restrict to OS version not matching for Almalinux


In katello we have a product call EPEL with 2 repositories epel8 and epel7. The epel8 should only be available for RH8 nodes (centos8 for example). This works on centos but we also have some AlmaLinux 8.4 hosts where this repository does not show up.

Restrict to OS version is set to rhel-8 for the epel8 repo

Expected outcome:

The EPEL8 repo to be available on AlmaLinux 8.4

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

I used Oracle Linux for a few years and now AlmaLinux, it does not work for both of them. I workaround the issue by using seperate content views for el7 and el8 and only add the correct respositorys to them.