Retire foreman_setup plugin

The foreman_setup plugin has been largely unmaintained. Getting "Wrong number of arguments" clicking next to Installation media · Issue #45 · theforeman/foreman_setup · GitHub says it’s been broken for 2 years and hasn’t really received attention for much longer.

This came up in Add shared GitHub Actions workflow for ruby testing by archanaserver · Pull Request #50 · theforeman/foreman_setup · GitHub.

Unless anyone steps up to become its maintainer, I’m proposing to drop it in Foreman 3.10 and add a deprecation to the Foreman 3.9 release notes.


A bit late for 3.10 (since it already branched), but here are the PRs:

I’m proposing to postpone it to 3.11 and deprecate it in 3.10.

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