Review database differences between existing and new installation

We’ve been running Foreman for years, and I’ve found a few constraints that seem to be missing. To figure out all of the differences, I installed a fresh copy of Foreman into another database and compared them with We’ve found a number of differences in the schema that we’re uncertain of. We are interested in upgrading Foreman, but are concerned about these differences. I think it makes the most sense to get these differences resolved prior to upgrading foreman.

I’d really appreciate your input on the differences here. I’m relatively new to this company, so I was never involved in any of the upgrades that got us here. The only change I do know about is that ran out of ids for fact_values, so we did need to change the datatype to bigint.

Here’s the diff: It specifies the commands that we would need to execute in our long-existing instance of foreman to make it the same as a brand new installation of the same version. I’ve trimmed out quite a bit of the “noise” - like sequence changes, but there’s still quite a bit that’s different, and I have no way of knowing how that would impact foreman (good, bad or indifferent).

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Other relevant data:
Currently using postgresql 9.6.3.