Reviving Apache CloudStack as a compute resource


I’d like to use Apache CloudStack as a compute resource in Foreman…
I’ve seen the foreman_cpp_cloudstack gem, but it seems to have been abandoned.

Is there any interest in reviving such an effort? I can’t and won’t do it alone.

With the decline of RHEV/oVirt I’m looking for a new compute resource that is supported in Foreman, but there aren’t many with support for bare metal infrastructure. Apache CloudStack looks like a good alternative to me, so I’m intrigued to see it working in Foreman.


What kind of help are you looking for? With generic Foreman (plugin) stuff like repositories, gems, packaging, etc we can help, but for CloudStack you’ll need people who actually know and use it.

I was wondering if there are people in the Foreman community with this kind of experience. And if so, if anyone is interested to get CloudStack support back into Foreman. If none of this is the case, then I’ll probably move on and do something else instead :slight_smile:

Leaving this here for future reference:

There is a fog cloudstack gem available. So a new CloudStack plugin for Foreman should probably be based on this effort.