Revoking certificates automatically after imaging

Problem: After imaging a computer using windows deployment services, the SSL certificate used to talk to foreman doesnt match whats on file under “puppet CA” section. This requires manual revoking. Would love it if there was a better way

Expected outcome: That i dont have to hand revoke certificates after imaging

Foreman and Proxy versions: 3.1.2

Other relevant data:
So the jist of it is that when i image a machine using windows imaging tools, i always hav to remember to go and manually revoke the certificate under Infrastructure → Smart Proxies → Puppet CA → certificates. So go and find the certificate and hit the little “revoke” button. It would be great if i could trigger this in some other way, or have a button that allows me to go to a hostgroup and massively revoke a whole bunch of certificates at once.

I have noticed that imaging with foreman, you dont have to revoke, so there must be some mechanism for doing this that i am not aware of. Any help appreciated. If i could trigger the revokaction with an MDT task sequence that would be awesome.