RFC: Activation keys redesign

Hey everyone! :wave:
We’re considering a redesign of our activation keys detail page, and we’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the matter.


What you can see here:

  • There are two tabs Overview and Repository sets. Repository looks exactly like the one in new host detail page.

  • You can edit the top part- name, description and limitations. You can also delete the AK from the kebab on the top.

  • In the Overview tab, there are two cards for System purpose and Content view. (Edit will open a modal to change relevant parts there)

  • Underneath there is a table with Host collections (that is actionable you can add and remove collections), list of Host groups and list of Associated hosts which are view only.

How do you feel about redesign?
Is there anything missing?

Please, feel free to leave your comments, ideas, or any other thoughts you have regarding the activation keys’ redesign. This helps us ensure we’re meeting your needs in the best way possible.

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I assume this is designed for a SCA-only Katello? I have yet to dive into the whole SCA topic, but from a non-SCA perspective I am missing everything subscription related. From what I understood by now, those options will not be needed anymore with SCA?
Otherwise, I don’t see anything missing. The only thing that I dislike about this design is: Why does “Repository Sets” need it’s own tab while everything else is put in “Overview”. Maybe there is some technical reason to handle it this way, but from a usability view I would prefer to have repository sets on the same level as Host Collections, etc.

Yes, non-SCA is going away in the next several releases, so new pages aren’t being designed with subscriptions features.

With SCA I think I will need Repository set most, so having this on the same tab and as the default one would be my preferred option.

Also System purpose is a RHEL only thing (and haven’t seen it used also on RHEL customers), so would switch it with Content view for the more prominent position and perhaps showing only on some condition.

Editing the limit is by clicking directly on it? Do we have this mechanism somewhere else already? Just asking because I am not sure and if not, it could be users miss this as in other views it is mostly read-only labels. So perhaps some help text when hovering over, cursor change or similar?

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Completely agree. 2 Tab-Areas is maybe one to much. How about getting rid of Overview/Repository Sets area and move Repository Sets below Host collections, Host Groups, Associated hosts?

I would love to see a functionality, that the Activation key → Repository Sets does only list repositories which are part of the Content View(s)