RFC: Combining host index pages (All hosts, Content hosts) - bulk actions

As you all know we are working on combining the All host index page and the Content host index page into one single page.

Possible column overload will be solved by column management where you can opt to see just the columns important to you and your workload.

Another difficult issue is displaying the (bulk) actions from both pages in one place. Just a simple merge would result in a list with approximately 30 actions (depending on plugins) which would worsen user experience and prolong the time to get anything done.

We sat down with the team workshopping the best solution by grouping and removing the actions from the list.

Right now we need to validate if our information architecture (and also naming conventions) makes sense to the users and not just to us and our wider team.

We prepared a quick tree jack research (less than 5 minutes) to check if you can navigate our proposed structure. Please fill out the survey for us.

Thank you for your help.

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