RFC: Customizable landing page after user login

This post is follow up to RFC: User homepage [0], hope it will reach more users here than the original post in the development category.

I’ve been working on this feature allowing users to set landing page (homepage) what they want. Original POC pull request [1] had just basic set of features:

  • Allow to set homepage from the list of pages (hard coded)
  • Allow extension from the plugins
  • Set default homepage / for every user

After publishing the PR and RFC I got some useful ideas and tips from the community, these I want to implement in follow up version:

  • Edit 404 page and add link to / page - Right now we have generic Rails 404 page where users don’t have any option to navigate to home page (/). They have to go back or manually edit URL page in the browser.
  • Do not set pages statically, but load them from the Menu::Item. Display only the ones with flag allow_as_homepage: true. This will be also easily extendable from the plugins and we won’t need new extension method as in POC PR [1] Less code, yay!
  • Allow user to set completely custom path they want.

I would like to hear opinion from the community, any comments, ideas, possible risks to take into consideration?



[0] RFC: User homepage
[1] Foreman PR
[2] Redmine issue