RFC: Host registration and Load balancers

no one has an idea?

this is an old thread in terms of the original question, but it’s probably worth asking the question. I’ve been playing with trying to get an AWS cloud ‘native’ design for foreman, distributing nodes / components across multiple AZ’s and using load balances to front them via ASG’s, it’s far from working/good solution at this time, but I was playing with service mesh tools like Hashicorp consul and this seems to act much better than a load balancer in terms of hitting multiple nodes behind a service name - it’s not great for AWS in terms of still hitting the load balancer solution, but there is scope for some sort of service discovery of components to allow for both distribution and scale within the existing architecture

Just came across this referenced with the new registration_url setting from the Katello 4.7 release notes.

Where does this mentioned registration_url go?

Is this a new setting in the /etc/foreman-proxy/settings.yml file on each smart proxy?
Or is this a new param that needs to be provided to foreman-install when installing a smart proxy?

Does this eliminate the part in the old load balancing document about, setting pulp::lazy_redirect_host: smartproxy.example.net in the custom_hiera.yml file?

EDIT: I found this, smart-proxy/registration.yml.example at develop · theforeman/smart-proxy · GitHub.

So it goes in the settings for the registration plugin on the smart proxy, /etc/foreman-proxy/settings.d/registration.yml file, with the provided example:

:enabled: false
# :registration_url: https://loadbalancer.example.com

RE-EDIT, using the above installer options sets the values in settings.d config files for you:

foreman-installer --foreman-proxy-registration-url “https://loadbalancer.com:8443” --foreman-proxy-template-url “http://loadbalancer.com:8000