[RFC] Improved auto-attach through System Purpose

Improved auto-attach through System Purpose


  • Enhance the auto-attach process so that subscriptions are better matched to hosts


  • This functionality will be realized through Candlepin, one of the services within Katello
  • To begin with it will be focused around Red Hat content
  • There will be four attributes under the System Purpose umbrella:
    • Role - Primary function of the system. Ex: Red Hat Satellite
    • Service Level - Same as today, ex: Premium
    • Addons - Additional layered products such as Smart Management
    • Usage - Extra context on how the system is used ex Development, Production
  • The attributes can be set on content hosts
  • The attributes can be set on activation keys
  • The Purpose attributes are not required
  • Auto attach will use a weighted system in order to prioritize attachment of subscriptions having Purpose Attributes that match the ones set on the system or activation key
  • Auto attach will still ultimately choose subscriptions which cover installed products
  • System Purpose attributes not required, and has three possible states
    • Matched
    • Mismatched
    • Not Specified


Future Enhancements

  • Allow users to define their own purpose attributes on custom products
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