RFC: New to Foreman? widget

There is one idea I carry in my head for a long time. I often see lot of newcomers confusion around provisioning, namely how DHCP management works, how to setup DNS to have working configuration and things like image-based provisioning.

First of all, we have our manual which hopefully explains some aspects, definitely not all. But I think an informative page or widget built-in Foreman core would be beneficial. My idea is to have a single widget with static (but interactive) text introducing various parts of Foreman. It must be short and complementary to our manual with links to the manual for further reading.

The idea is quick onboarding for new people which sometimes struggle with setting things up, so it must be the biggest widget on the welcome page until user decides to permanently close it (with option to pull it back from the list of widgets). We see similar approach when you start up modern text editor like Atom - get you introduced, some links into app or documentation, permanently close when you know what to do.

It is important to understand this shall be complementary to our documentation, there must not be a single aspect explained which is not in our documentation.

Success key things:

  • One page only
  • Short and informative sections grouped into categories
  • Support for i18n
  • Interactive (Javascript opening up sections)
  • Extensible by plugins
  • Every section has a link to documentation
  • Send the content in the welcome email to new Foreman users (when enabled)

This is nice feature for new Foreman devs but if anyone wants to work on this, please keep in mind that the content is the most difficult part here - I suggest open (and long) discussion to find the shortest possible text describing all important aspects of Foreman.

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can you compare it to foreman_setup plugin?

Sure, pros: extensible, not just provisioning, better UX (widget is imho better - it needs to be the first thing you see when you visit Foreman URL). It should be much simpler than foreman setup tho - we want to inform the user how Foreman works and link the relevant documentation.

Even better than widget, something like this https://github.com/gilbarbara/react-joyride looks easy to implement, as you say the content is the key


That does look like a good option for new users, but I’d like an easy way to disable it. I often install new systems as part of testing and I want to get to functionality ASAP. I think a lot of automated testing might also have issues with this. Not sure if that should be on the global level, user level or both.

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