RFC: oVirt Compute Resource v4 API support


ATM, the oVirt compute resource in Foreman use the deprecated v3 API, based on fog-ovirt/rbovirt. There is an issue in redmine that talk about oVirt API v4 migration. Is someone working on this ? Can I help on this topic ?

I think fog-ovirt will have to be mostly rewritten to use the ovirt-sdk. Do we want to keep the oVirt v3 API compatibility ? If yes, maybe creating a new compute resource (‘oVirt 4’, and rename the ‘oVirt’ one in ‘oVirt legacy’) and/or new fog-ovirt4 provider is the way to go ?

IMHO, as oVirt v4 includes some breaking changes, creating a new compute resource type and a new fog-ovirt4 provider will have some advantages:

  • Don’t break current oVirt CR provider
  • Ability to clean-up things without care of breaking something



I’m working on the ovirt v4 integration.
We do need to keep both v3 and v4 at the same time. I’ve started working on integration with the sdk but I don’t have a PR open yet.

There was a discussion about adding fog-ovirt4 and keeping fog-ovirt on the fog repo, starting here: https://github.com/fog/fog/issues/3942#issuecomment-311048938 but there were objections so I’m trying to keep everything in one provider.

I’d be glad to get some help once I open the PR to test, comment and open other PRs that will likely be needed. I’ll update you once I have something.


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