RFC: Removing Storybook

I propose removing Storybook from our project.

Initially, Storybook was implemented to document our custom reusable components. However, as Foreman increasingly relies on mostly Patternfly components, it seems unnecessary to maintain the effort of documenting Foreman’s custom reusable components in Storybook, as there are less of them.

Instead, we should focus on documenting the purpose and usage guidelines for our custom reusable components, including details about their props, inside of the component code. However, visually showcasing them as we did in Storybook is not necessary.

The information pages in the Introduction section remains important, and we should ensure they are revised and relocated to foreman/developer_docs at develop · theforeman/foreman · GitHub

In addition to the above, our Storybook is mostly showing components that we don’t want new developers to use as they are using Patternfly v3.


:+1: as it also would drop quite a few depencies that are installed in devel/ci setups.

Plus I’m almost sure the deployment is broken right now :wink:

Yes, the deployment at surge.sh is broken due to our ancient Webpack. There is also an ancient deployment to the gh-pages branch of theforeman/foreman which will need to be removed.

When I saw the title I was sure I submitted this and forgot about it because in Fixes #35780 - Automatically deploy storybook by ekohl · Pull Request #9517 · theforeman/foreman · GitHub I already came to the conclusion it’s just plain broken now. Couldn’t even generate the storybook, so I gave up on publishing the latest version. :+1: for removal, including deleting the gh-pages branch.

ACK on the removal of storybook + gh-pages branch + moving the important information to developer_docs :+1:

Thanks for the encouragements, opened a pr here: Fixes #36439 - remove storybook and update ui docs by MariaAga · Pull Request #9717 · theforeman/foreman · GitHub
After its merged, @ekohl could you delete the gh-pages branch?

I’ll likely be out on PTO when it gets merged, but I think anyone with commit access can remove branches. Assuming you use a remote named upstream the command is git push upstream :gh-pages but I’d recommend checking remotes with git remote -v and using git push --dry-run (or -n).

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The PR was merged and the branch deleted (last Thursday). I actually was lazy and used the GitHub UI to delete the gh-pages branch.