RHEL 7 Not supported by a valid subscription

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server: - Not supported by a valid subscription. System Purpose Status: Mismatched - The requested role “Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server” is not provided by a currently consumed subscription. - The requested usage preference “Production” is not provided by a currently consumed subscription.

Expected outcome:
Successfully subscribe RHEL 7 server to Foreman.

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman Pulp, Pulpcore, Puppet CA, Puppet, Logs, and Registration v2.3.3

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
foreman-tasks 3.0.5
foreman_remote_execution v4.2.2
katello v3.18.2.1

Distribution and version:

Other relevant data:

Hi @olspence,

A few questions.

If you clear the System Purpose values from the Content Host, does the error go away?

Which subscription are you trying to attach the RHEL 7 client?

In the /etc/pki/product directory, what files are listed?

Hi @cintrix84,

Thanks for your reply.

  1. There is no System Purpose set currently from the Content Host.
  2. RedHat7 subscription
    3.This is what is listed at /etc/pki/katello. I do not see a “product” directory and assume you mean the actual product name which in this case in “Katello”.

Hi @olspence

Thanks for the reply, for the product directory, sorry that should be on the Content Host. I should have been more specific.

What is the exact name of the subscription?

On the content host itself, there is a /etc/pki/product-default folder with a 69.pem file in it.

My apologies, I am new to Foreman. What do you mean by “name of the subscription”?

Also, under Content > RedHat Repositories, I have no available repos. I wonder, is this because there is no manifest to produce the subscriptions that our systems would subscribe to? If that is the case, how do we go about obtaining the manifests from RedHat without a Satellite subscription?

You have to allocate some of your redhat subscriptions in the redhat subscription portal to your foreman server, download the manifest and import it. Then you can use the subscription in your foreman server.

See 4. Managing Subscriptions

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