RHEL-manifests and foreman/katello

Hello community!

I just established a foreman-server with katello (3.9.3/4.11.1) running Alma 8.10.

Creating products, CV and so on for Alma, still running CentOS went without any problems.

There is an upcoming question while integrating RHEL-products as I believe I would have read somewhere at RH there is a Satellite subscrisption necessary …

Could it be RH did change it that way?

Just asking before I deeply dive into the problems I currently challenged with like “beeing unable to activate repos in foreman” …

I think something changed a while ago as I was able to create a manifest again with a Developer subscription for my demo again, so I would recommend testing with your account if you are able to create a manifest and you get access to all the expected repositories. Satellite subscription should have always only been necessary if you wanted support for the Satellite, but getting a manifest without a paid subscription was not possible for a (longer) while.

Yes, not everything is getting better.

We have Enterprise subscriptions, exporting the manifest works in the “old” portal at RH, but unfortunately not in console.redhat.com. Time for an incident at RH for this.
Importing the Manifest works without problems, “Red Hat Repositories” are displayed, but none are “available”.
Ok, thanks, then I’ll have to dig a little deeper for better or worse.

This is usually fixed by refreshing the manifest (from Subscriptions > Manage Manifest) in Foreman.

Thanks for all your input!

reason still unknown. As I could see in the manifest-history, several times colleagues imported and deleted manifests.
This time I used hammer to remove the imported manifest, re-import the last one. an “hammer refresh-manifest” worked without any problems.

Currently it is binding entitlements to allocations.

Have anice day!

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