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I imported a subscription allocation as a manifest in a Katello instance, when I deploy a new RHEL 8 server and register to Katello, the deployed RHEL server does not consume a license. However, the server can access and consume RHEL repositories synchronized on Katello.

According to RedHat documentation, when this option is enabled, it is not necessary to use Virt-Who to report RHEL license consumption to RedHat.

I don’t understand why Katello asks me to use Virt-Who when the SCA is in use and according to the RedHat documentation, if the SCA is active, Virt-Who is no longer required.

In the “Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console”, SCA is enabled on the manifest.

Thanks for your help.

Simple Content Access - Red Hat Customer Portal says:

When SCA is enabled:

Virt-who is no longer in the ‘critical path’ of content access (again, since subscriptions no longer have to be attached to hosts). However, virt-who is an extremely important tool to support Subscription Watch. The host/guest mappings which are gathered by virt-who are critical information used to render accurate charts in Subscription Watch. However, the frequency at which virt-who needs to run can be limited to be less frequent. Without a correctly configured installation of both virt-who and the installation/enablement of the Satellite Inventory Plugin, Satellite users will not have accurate reporting in Subscription Watch

Which I read as “is it required? no. should it be running so that the invoice is correct? yes”

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Ok, that seems clear, I’ll install Virt-Who in that case.

Thank you for you answer !