RHEL Repos


I have installed Foreman/Katello on my CentOS vm to manage CentOS hosts and Repos.

Now I also want to add RHEL7 hosts, how can I manage the redhat repositories ?
What is the manifest that Foreman is referring to in the “Red Hat Subscription” sub-menu ?



to be able to sync RedHat Content (Repos), you need a subscription manifest.
You can get one from access.redhat.com for you RedHat subscriptions. Log into your RedHat account, then navigate “Subscriptions” -> “Subscription Allocations”. There you need to setup a new Subscription Allocation (unless you already have one) and need to assign the subscriptions you want to use to that (the UI should explain that part quite well). Once you’re done, you can export the manifest (will download a zip file) which you can then upload via the RedHat Subscriptions page. Once done, you can enable RedHat repositories in Foreman/Katello via Content -> RedHat Repositories.


Thanks for your reply.

I’ve been told that to be able to subscribe to RedHat Contents (Repos) via Foreman/Katello you should install it on a RHEL server and not on CentOS ?

I’m not entirely sure about that since I do not know how the internals of the reposync work. I only had it set up on RedHat machines by now. I can not remember anything about such a restriction either, though.
From what I understood how the reposync works, it should work on CentOS, too.

@Amedix: You should be able to sync and use redhat subscriptions on CentOS box.