Roles and Filters

Hello Community,

i have following problem:
I have create a new Role for an user groupe with filters.
My problem is the user can see the hosts in “All Hosts” but not in “Content Hosts”.
Which filter am I missing to see the “Content Hosts” for the Role ?

Foreman 2.4


Do you have Katello installed?

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yes i have

Please share what filters are assigned to the role.

there are the filter settings:

Is the admin user able to see the said host in the content hosts page? if not, it’s an issue with the host not having a content facet.
If an admin user can see the host there, the issue is probaby in the column that’s missing in the screenshot with the search filter - that some content-related attribute does not match what the role is allowed (e.g. host is in a lifecycle environment the user can’t see).

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Hello tbrisker,

thanks for the answer.
The adim user can see the content hosts.
Thanks for the info i will try it.