Roles UI - Default Access

I started to play with the Roles page in UI. When I try to create a new
role, some components get default view access and some doesn't (see below).
Is that intentional? Or do all the components should have a default view

  • Architectures (default - view)

  • Audit logs

  • Authentication Providers (default - view)

  • Bookmarks

  • Compute Resources

  • Compute Resources vms

  • Config templates

  • Dashboard (default - access or view)

  • Domains (default - view)

  • Environments (default - view)

  • External Variables (default - view)

  • Facts (default - view)

  • Global Variables (default - view)

  • Host Editing

  • Host Groups (default - view)

  • Hosts (default - view)

  • Images

  • Media (default - view)

  • Models (default - view)

  • Operating Systems (default - view)

  • Organizations (default - view)

  • Partition tables (default - view)

  • Plugins

  • Pupper Classes (default - view)

  • Reports (default - view)

  • Settings menu (default - view)

  • Smart Proxies

  • Smart Proxies autosign

  • Smart Proxies puppetca

  • Statistics (default - view)

  • Subnets (default - view)

  • Tasks

  • Trends

  • Usergroups

  • Users

Any feedback on this?


Yeah this is intended behavior. All of these 'view' permissions are part of
the 'Default User' role permissions. You can however change them in your
new role if you want.
The permission model in Foreman is going to change significantly in 1.5, so
if you want to have a sneak peak, try out the version from Github, branch
develop. (
and feel free to ask here any questions you might have.

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Any feedback on this?

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