RPM Installations dropped NodeJS 6

This is a follow up to RFC: Moving NodeJS to use SCL. The work to move all NodeJS packages to be built against the rh-nodejs10 has been completed. The RPM side of packaging no longer has a requires on NodeJS 6 which I believe was the last hold out and thus any testing on NodeJS 6 can officially be dropped for 1.24+ and nightlies.

This work required a mass rebuild of all NodeJS packages, Foreman and a subset of plugins that use webpack based assets. This are all available in nightly.

As a follow on, I am proposing we move development environments to NodeJS 10+ and for those that use forklift this change is supported by:

This will ensure development environments use the same NodeJS that our packages are built against.

There is follow on work to update Jenkins and possibly some Travis jobs to use NodeJS 10 as well.

  • Eric