Ruby 3 support

Fedora 34 ships with Ruby 3. We should support it so I’ve opened a tracker:

The big challenge will be fog-google. It needs a major update and is holding back other updates as well.


Coincidently today I tried to install fog-core and fog-xml does not build with Ruby 3.0. I did not dig deeper tho.

This is for the Smart Proxy. While looking into some issue today I ran into this:

The short version is that I think this is kwargs handling which Ruby 2.7 and 3.0 have changed.

This makes me wonder how many more of these issues are hiding out there. We already know that EL9 will contain Ruby 3 by default so looking ahead this will become important.

First of all, is my understanding here correct? If so, how much more of these bugs are hiding out there? Should we start a Ruby 3 effort tracker for the Smart Proxy?

Isn’t this something that Rubocop can check for us? I quickly googled but could not find anything tho.