Rubygem-facter (foreman provided) vs facter (epel provided)

Conflict between the “facter” dependency and the rubygem-facter RPM

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:

I need to install one RPM on my foreman server and this RPM requires “facter”
However the rubygem-facter provided by the forement repositorie does not provide “facter” but provided “rubygem(facter)”
So my dnf is looking for facter and find the facter RPM from the EPEL repo.
Problem it cannot install both because those two RPM want to install the file /usr/bin/facter

Any idea ?*


My understanding is that it is not supported to configure EPEL on your Foreman host.
See: Quickstart Guide for Foreman with Katello on CentOS/RHEL

Perhaps someone else can confirm?

Also not sure if simply disabling the EPEL repo on your host would solve your problem, but perhaps that is something you could try?

Correct, EPEL is unsupported.

We probably could add a Provides: facter to the RPM.

What are you trying to install?

This is a homebrew RPM thal helps for management purpose, internal patching system etc.
I could ask them to add the OR operator for rubygem(facter) in the specfile.
If you could add Provides: facter
It will be also great.

What is the tool doing, is it calling facter the binary?
Then you could make the dependency /usr/bin/facter instead of facter or rubygem-facter, which would find the binary in either package.

Yes it also could. thank you

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