Running Foreman with yugabyteDB?

Any experience deploying Foreman with yugabyteDB, especially in production, in the community?

Looking at their website looks like they fully support ActiveRecord and thus should work…

If i were giving it a go is there any test you guys want me to try?

Foreman/Katello is making use of Postgresql’s EVR extension, being able to use such functionality was the reason to drop MySQL support, so I highly doubt this will work.

Only Katello. Foreman doesn’t need it.

Actually, it was mostly that MySQL needed additional workarounds. Limiting to PostgreSQL was easier on maintainers.

This guy? GitHub - Katello/postgresql-evr: A postgresql extension for RPM epoch/version/release type

It is just of few plpgsql functions and types? AFAICT they are supported.

Yes, it is the only thing so far, but it broke the dream of one customer of running Foreman with the AWS PostgreSQL database.

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Thanks for the heads up @Dirk - I’ll give that a go when I have a chance :wink: