Salt ENC button missing and documentation lacking

According to: Configuring Hosts Using Salt

I should have a Salt ENC button on my hosts page. However, I do not see this option anywhere. I am trying to get a host parameter to show up in the pillar data, but it does not.
I have added a test parameter on a host:

I have ran salt '*' saltutil.refresh_pillar but alas the parameter does not show up when running salt <minion> pillar.items.

How can I get the Salt ENC button to appear, and why am I not seeing the parameters as pillar data for a minion?

I got parameters to work by using salt.pillar.foreman - I have no idea why Foreman themselves are not suggesting to use this. It took 15 mins to setup and works out of the box, vs. the puppet ext_pillar.

However, the Salt ENC button is still missing.