Satellite 6.3 ENC use in ansible tower


I am migrating from satellite 6.2 to 6.3 , in 6.2 i am using hiera and puppet to manage config, now with 6.3 i want to start using Ansible tower, i have seen callback templates but i am not sure what will be equivelent to hiera ?

Is smart classes variables (it comes as ENC in satellite) available to tower while doing inventory sync ?

Whats the best and recommanded way of using variables with tower and satellite 6 integration now ?

Thanks, D

Given you’re a RH customer, wouldn’t this be a better question for RH support?

Well, i just thought how community is using it, if you have suggestion please share.

There is no full integration currenlty with sat and tower.


It’s totally fair to ask it here, I just wondered what’s the best way to get your answer. Not sure how many people here actually know tower but that might be just my lack of knowledge. Don’t let me discourage others who do have an answer because that’s what counts.

Absolutely it’s fine, I’d like to actually see the opposite - more Red Hat customers involved in our community.

Thanks for asking, unfortunately I have no answer for you. One of the major contributors to foreman_ansible is having some days off, let’s wait if someone have more details until he is back.

Correct - variables are available via the Tower inventory. With the latest version of foreman_ansible, there’s an option to prefix all variables coming from foreman’s inventory as ‘foreman_xxxx’, or not.

Thanks, looks forman_ansible is not supported with satellite 6.3, @lzap, can you suggest ansible expert if he came back from holidays ?

If you care about support you should contact Red Hat support.
foreman_ansible should work fine with Satellite 6, you just need to get the correct foreman_ansible version for the Foreman version within Satellite.

Haha that was @dLobatog :slight_smile:

Thanks @lzap, @dLobatog, i installed foreman_ansible with foreman version 1.15 ships with sat 6.3, i will give it a go, but my original question was, what is the future of puppet smart classes is that the way to go with ansible tower and sync it with tower inventory ? As those are not synced when i initially did tower inventory sync from satellite.

Thanks, dj