Scaling Ansible roles

I’m wondering what the best practices are for scaling out Ansible roles.

It seems like the default expectation is for Ansible roles to run roughly every 30 minutes. My collection of Ansible roles take closer to an hour to run, so at the very least I think I would need to increase the time.

How are you supposed to set how many forks are run? I can edit /etc/foreman-proxy/ansible.cfg, but I feel like that would be overwritten every upgrade. Am I missing something in the settings?

how many hosts do you run the roles on and how many smart proxies with ansible feature do you have?

Support for setting forks from foreman is being tracked at Feature #30142: Configurable ansible forks for ansible-runner - Ansible - Foreman , looking at the associated PR it seems it is mostly ready, but still it will take some time before it gets into a release. Until that happens, ansible.cfg is probably your best bet.

I have roughly 1000 hosts which I run Ansible roles on and currently have 2 smart proxies with Ansible in addition to the primary Foreman server.