SCAP Reporting (Proposed new functionality)

Hi All,

Please correct me if this is the wrong place to post this kind of request/suggestion.

I have been doing a lot of work with SCAP reporting on RHEL7/8 and regularly use the Hosts->Policies->Dashboard screen

It would be really useful if you could add the ability to choose a lower than 100% compliance. We use 95% as there are always some exceptions and differences e.g. Oracle does not like the nodev mount-option being set on /tmp, and some servers such as Foreman require a http server.
It would also help if you could add a field/column that shows the compliance percentage as this is the most important thing for our auditors.

I would also like to see the ability to download this screen as a PDF report.

The following screen would also be really useful if we could download it.


Another great addition to the host screen

would be the addition of a counter showing the number of hosts failing a particular test as the only way I can find is to use the query option for all 120+ tests:

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All are great suggestions. We currently don’t have resources to add more features to this plugin. However we’d be very happy to help anyone who would like to contribute. The compliance threshold setting is even almost complete Fixes #31685 - Add treshold for ds policies by xprazak2 · Pull Request #519 · theforeman/foreman_openscap · GitHub

If there’s anyone willing to help, please let me know.