Scenario foreman-proxy-content installs postgres, redis, etc

Hi All,

I’m currently building a new Foreman instance, using Foreman 2.5 / Katello 4.1. I use dedicate smart-proxy for some functions, in this case puppet CA and puppet.

When I run foreman-installer --scenario foreman-proxy-content .... it installs a bunch of things I don’t feel are needed such as redis and postgres (In my case, I have an external database server and redis server)

It appears the extra packages are from ‘foreman_proxy_content’ puppet module, if I disable this it seems to skip all that software installation, however the smart-proxy install fails. In my case it errors out as it hasn’t copied in ssl certs to foreman-proxy:

smart-proxy: Errors detected on startup, see log for details. Exiting: No such file or directory @ rb_sysopen - /etc/foreman-proxy/ssl_key.pem

Am I missing something easy/obvious here? I am new to this particular version of Foreman/Katello


Expected outcome:

Foreman and Proxy versions:

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This is because Pulp 3 is being installed, which requires these services. As you found out, right now we don’t have good support for installing a Smart Proxy without content in a Katello scenario. It’s a bit of a hack, but I think adding this to /etc/foreman-installer/custom-hiera.yaml should help with the certificates:

    merge: unique

  - certs::foreman_proxy

You may run into dependency problems since there’s no good chaining now. In that case you can try to rerun the installer.


This did the trick perfectly.

Thank you so much for your help