Scheduling package updates similarly as in Satellite 5

Hi All

Well I got a test server running Foreman\Katello at last,
have got as far as adding some existing clients, all seems
to be OK, can upgrade packages from the Foreman server.

I am looking to replace a spacewalk server with this, but I cannot
see anyway to schedule updates/upgrades of anything, currently
in spacewalk I am using Action Chains and scheduling at a set
date and time, and with OSAD on the client it picks up and executes
at the set date and time.

Is there a way to do this in Foreman\Katello?

Sorry for the very basic question, but still finding my way around.

Many thanks in advance.

Foreman 1.24.2
Foreman-tasks 0.17.5
Katello 3.14.1

Hello and welcome to the community.

Foreman is heavily built around configuration management software like Ansible and Puppet. So traditionally, you use configuration management tools to install or upgrade packages, Foreman helps with this process but it is either Puppet agent or Ansible Runner performing actual jobs for the examples above.

For those who don’t use these tools, there is a possibility of scheduling Remote Execution job which is essentially a shell script that runs over SSH connection. I am not sure if you can create a schedule for ReX jobs tho. @aruzicka?

I suggest reading Red Hat Satellite 6 docs if you want to get a better picture about what Satellite 6 is capable of. There is I think even a book “Migrating from 5” which explains some basic things.

Hope it helps, get back to us if you need more info.

You definitely can. It is the last item in the job invocation form. In general remote execution allows you to run the job immediatelly, in the future or set up a recurring execution.

To be honest I never had to touch Spacewalk so I’m not really familiar with Action Chains and OSAD, but it sounds like you somehow make packages available in Spacewalk and then the clients periodically check for new packages, is that about right?

With remote execution you could turn this around a bit and periodically push the package updates to the clients

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I have changed the title to something more reasonable if you don’t mind. Feel free to get back to us with more questions.


Much better thanks

I think I am getting somewhere, good learning curve for me.

Many thanks.

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