Search by hostname gives multiple results?


we have updated our Foreman instance today from 1.21.4 -> 1.22.1 -> 1.23.0 and see some changed behavior in the search field for hosts.

Searching for a host by the name in the search field without any filters, lists multiple hosts.
Entering the FQDN of a host, e.g. “”, in the search field now lists several hosts.
The host from the search is also included in the list.

Expected outcome:
Only a single host should be in the list, this was the case in 1.21.4.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

I can not say, if this first happened in 1.22.1 or 1.23.0. For the upgrade to 1.23.0, I just applied 1.22.1 for the database migrations, but did not start the Apache. Afterwards I upgraded to 1.23.0.

Perhaps this is related to the following changelog entry?
With types support in global parameters, searching by parameter value is no longer allowed.


Hi stdierich, I am also observing this same behavior…I am suspecting is a bug in the new 1.23.0 released since this was working fine…can someone please shine some light as to what is happening to the search function? Thank you.

The problem that you explained related to host searching is not related to " searching by parameter value…" from changelog.
It would be great help if you share exact search query that you are using to find a host.
For example - name ~ bird625

If you are trying full text search without selecting any field (like name) then could you confirm that you are observing the same result on name field search.

I also run into that “problem”.

name ~ fulitvm037 finds only the correct hosts. But TBH, I don’t want to write name ~ every time :slight_smile: