Search filter for hosts with installable security errata

Hi there,

maybe someone knows a way to achieve this:

I wanted to find a search filter, which is able to give me only the hosts as output, that have at least 1 installable (not applicable) security Errata.

My ignorant way was to use errata_status = security_needed and installable_errata ~ * but as you might have noticed, this has an edge case, when a security Errata is applicable but other Errata are installable it still finds the host.

I was hoping this able to being achieved somehow, didn’t find a solution up to now.

Cheers, lumarel

There’s a setting you can turn on, “Generate errata status from directly-installable content,” which will base the host’s errata status on installable rather than applicable errata. If you turn this on, then errata_status = security_needed alone should give you what you need. Does this work for you?


Hi Jeremy!

That was indeed the missing bit, thank you! :slight_smile: