Searching for the foreman_default_hostgroup plugin maintainer


recently I saw a thread about foreman_default_hostgroup plugin, that reminded me it is broken since Foreman 2.2. Based on the community surverys, this was one of the most popular plugin. Given it wasn’t maintained since 2017 I today went through PRs there, closed those that were out of date, merged the PR with the fix for Foreman 2.2+ and released the new version 6.0.0.

However I don’t have time to actively maintain this plugin. If there’s ever a breaking change in future again, I may not notice for another year. I also can’t invest time into reviewing the PRs in there (though it’s 0 activity in the last year). Is there someone who’d be willing to take care of this plugin, monitor issues and new PRs and keep it up to date? I’d be happy to explain the release process and help initially if needed. Let me know if you’re interested.

Since we are moving fact parsers from plugins into core and this is nothing else than fact parser extension, maybe we could consider this feature when refactoring our fact parser plugins creating some way to hook into importing process and then merge this plugin into core. This plugin is so small and does some monkey patching that it is probably worth taking it into core now.

We do have something similar in discovery called import_hook it could be actually designed in a way that would be beneficial both to this plugin and discovery.

Long-term, I would love to see discovery being merged into core as it does a lot of fact importing hacks too. Since we are moving other fact parsers too, discovery should be not different as it is basically a puppet importer with few additional extensions (handling of special discovery_xyz facts).

@dmatoulek what you think?

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That’s a good idea!

I think it would be great addition for that. That’s reminds me that there is A LOT of things in my head for refactoring that It would worth for own thread :smiley:

I volunteer to adopt the plugin.

Let me know how far did you get with the release and I am taking over. I see you updated the README.

I have the permissions on, @mcorr can you please give me permissions for the github page to be able to merge and push stuff?

Let me know if you need anything else.

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