Set custom partition with hammer

I want to set custom partitions for a node with hammer.
I could query the custom partition

hammer host show --name=foo --fields=“Operating system/custom partition table”

but I can’t find the appropriate option for host update

Expected outcome:
A node with a custom partition

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman Version 3.8.0
Hammer 3.3

Distribution and version:
hammer Client - centos7
foreman - alma linux 8

Perhaps with hammer os add-ptable? Or maybe hammer os set-parameter… (check the --help for syntax)

The custom partition is related to the host entity. So os don’t help.

I save the partition table of the host and mark the partitions I want to save with Noformat
in the Kickstart section.
This way I can reinstall nodes and keep defined partitions. I need to do this for several
hundreds of nodes, so it would be helpful not to do this manually in the web-ui, but from the command line