Set default HostParameters

Is it possible to set default HostParameters in a provisioning template?

Yes, you can set Global Parameter (under the Configure menu) that will affect all hosts. You can also set them at various other levels - you can find more information in the manual, though admittedly it’s a bit hidden inside the managing puppet section.

Thanks @tbrisker But I don’t need global parameters.

I would like to add hostParameters to all hosts. The mentioned workflow in the docs
Host parameters, under Hosts > All hosts > edit > Parameters.
does not work for me since the parameters does not exist.

Also this solved not the initial question how to set default hostParameter in a template (so every new host will get the params).

Adding a global parameter will make every new host get the wanted parameter with the default value - this is exactly the use case they are designed for. All hosts inherit all global parameters, and if needed you can override the default on specific host (or at different levels, such as location, operating system, domain etc).

You’re right.

I need to assign threshold groups to nodes/hosts. I want to use the hostParameters for our monitoring.
And also I want to be able to remove them from a node/host (in case the threshold group is not required on a node). For this it would be easier to ignore those override priorities.

So there is no way to add a bunch of parameters on host level?

I’m not sure I completely understand your usecase and why global parameters don’t work for it.
perhaps what you are looking for is defining the parameter at the hostgroup level? that will also make it the default value for every host in the group, and can still be overriden if a specific host needs a different value. Global parameters can also be overriden at every level, such as hostgroup or host.