Setting subclassing is now deprecated

Hi all,

the long ongoing effort proposed by Setting in memory, only changed values in database and tracked in to improve our setting framework is at its final stage. As of Foreman 3.3 all setting subclassing is deprecated, please update your plugins to use DSL. In the future support for Setting subclassing will be completely dropped.

If you see following deprecation, you know you’re on the hook to update your plugin settings.

DEPRECATION WARNING: You are using a deprecated behavior, it will be removed in version 3.4, subclassing Setting is deprecated '<your setting subclass>' should be migrated to setting DSL see for details

There is plenty of examples, but the latest can be found here:

If you’d struggle contact me or respond here :slight_smile:

I created an issue for the monitoring plugin: theforeman/foreman_monitoring#81

I hope Timo or I can pick it up ourself.

For puppetdb_foreman I took a stab at it in:

Haven’t verified whether it works.