Setting up a puppet ENC with Foreman 3.9 with dynflow-sidekiq and redis cache

I would like to get the recommendations for setting up multiple foreman instances under a VIP to use as Puppet ENC and report server with foreman 3.9:

Hi Support , I am trying to understand the best practises to be followed while using foreman 3.9 as puppet ENC .as Redis is used as a cache and session store in Foreman deployments ,I think I need one setup of Redis as the default cache and another instance of Redis is required for sidekiq.

with multiple foreman instances , Am I supposed to run Redis in every node as cache ?I fee that should not make any improvements in performance . How should i design dynflowd with redis part ?

Can I go with a containerised solution for the same ?

Foreman and Proxy versions:3.9

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:Ubuntu 20.04