Setting up a separate salt master smart proxy


I am in need of a bit of help with setting up a Foreman/Salt system, as I am struggling with understanding the documentation available.

I have a full Foreman instance set up on (Ubuntu 20.04) using the installation instructions here:
Foreman :: Manual
and just running
sudo foreman-installer
I then install foreman_salt plugin on this host with no issue.

I set up a salt master on another host, (also, Ubuntu 20.04), using the instructions in their official documentation here: Salt Project Package Repo
As I understand Foreman documentation, specifically Foreman :: Manual
I now need to install a standalone puppet server on
So I go to and try running

puppet ssl bootstrap --server

But I get the following error:

This is pretty much where I am stuck as I cannot go forward with the smart proxy installation on until that host has the appropriate certificates.

I am also unable to generate certificates for on with this command:

puppetserver ca generate --certname

because I get the error:
Fatal error when running action ‘generate’
Error: Could not find ‘hostcert’ at '/home/vmadmin/.puppetlabs/etc/puppet/ssl/certs/

I would really appreciate some guidance on this process.