Setting up Provisioning with Foreman

I am an absolute beginner, I am tasked with provisioning hosts. Took me awhile even to get Foreman to show up on my browser and even now it only works when I type in the IP not the hostname i’ve thought I had set. I am trying to provision a host through libvirt, but im not set on it, if you tell me something is easier then I will use that. First off is it alright to have libvirt downloaded on the server Im running foreman on? It’s Alma 8.5 with no GUI. I am trying to get foreman and libvirt connected to eachother but no matter what I try I keep getting errors when I test the connection in foreman. Honestly I have no clue what any of the errors are event trying to tell me. If some guardian angel can please just guide me to provision a single host I will be grateful.
Expected outcome:
provision a host
Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:
3.1, alma8.5
Other relevant data:

Hello There

So theres a few steps to be taken before you can connect libvirt to foreman, yes you can run libvirt on the foreman server itself although its not common practice, if you’re running foreman in a VM make sure you snapshot before attempting so you can rollback if needed.

Follow the guide ive linked you below this will get you the prerequisites required, then your test connection should work:

  1. Provisioning Virtual Machines on KVM (libvirt)

Provisioning Guide (

Best of luck, let us know how you go.

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Hi! thanks for the reply, I’ve managed to get much further when I switched to vSphere. I was managed to get it deployed and now my current hiccup is the VM that was provisioned was not able to reach the DHCP server.

I think my question is, do I need to be touching anything in the interface settings when I am creating a host? If it is managed by foreman shouldn’t it be doing most of the work?