Should we have "Foreman Team" tags?

I was using Expo (a react native client) forums and I noticed they use discourse. When someone from their team responded to me, it showed text next to their name letting me know they are part of the Expo Team. This was helpful as a user, since I knew the answer was coming from a team member. Should we implement something like that here?

Example below:

Correction on my part, looking through the forums, I do see tags next to some (but not all) core members names, i.e. “Developer”, “Tasks”, “Katello”. (I’m not sure how I missed those before!).

This is great, but I wonder if just a “Foreman Team” for all foreman/katello developers would be better? I’m not sure I would know that “Discovery” means core developer, but maybe it does make sense to the users. Just throwing it out there for discussion :slight_smile:

To me it makes sense and pretty sure @Gwmngilfen had that in mind. We would need a better way to manage accounts though because now it’s manual which is tedious and error prone.

So, indeed, some of the groups have labels associated. Notably, the Developers group also confers “flair” to the avatar icons (see how mine has a Foreman logo on it). As such, this group is ask-to-join, while the others are open access.

Sadly I’m not sure I can come up with a good way to automate membership of that group - it is possible to write a whitelist of domains, and users with emai addresses matching one of those will be auto-added to the group - but in our case, that doesn’t really work. Many of our core people are not from the same domain, and still more choose to use their personal email anyway.

Fortunately, this is likely a one-time problem - once the majority of people who desire access to the Developer group have requested and got it, it should change relatively slowly. In addition, there are quite a few people who can grant access - the main issue I see is how to inform people that they should request access. Thoughts?

Thanks Greg,

The flair + tag next to the name are nice indicators of who is a developer. I’ll put in my request for the flair as well. Maybe we can pro-actively give flair to known developers rather than having it be exclusively ask-to-join?


My thinking was that some people might not like it, for whatever reason, but I guess they can always leave the group if they don’t like it :slight_smile:

I’m totally OK with sub teams like Katello having a flair image too, if you guys would like that. Just let me know :wink:

Katello flair as well would be great!

Just to be clear, obviously only one flair can be displayed at a time… I’ll see what i can do later :wink:

Flair done, went with a white background. How’s that look to you @John_Mitsch?

Looks official! Thanks @Gwmngilfen!

Great! I’m still working out how users can set their primary group (I can set it in the admin page for a user, but not sure how else to scale it). The Developer group has a flag that auto-sets the primary group, but I’m not sure who wins if that flag is set on both groups - in the meantime, do ping me or @ekohl if a user needs the Katello primary group to be set for them.