Should we stop using the Retry Failed Builds Plugin in Jenkins?


our Jenkins is currently configured with the Retry Failed Builds Plugin plugin, which is deprecated and has not seen an upstream commit since 2012.

Currently, it’s used by the following jobs (according to jjb):

  • release_nightly_test_deb
  • test_1_14_stable
  • test_1_15_stable
  • test_1_16_stable
  • test_1_17_stable
  • test_develop
  • test_hammer_cli_foreman
  • test_kafo_master
  • ‘test_plugin_{name}_{branch}’
  • test_proxy_1_14_stable
  • test_proxy_1_15_stable
  • test_proxy_1_16_stable
  • test_proxy_1_17_stable
  • test_proxy_develop
  • ‘test_proxy_plugin_{name}_{branch}’

However, I could not quickly find any really rescheduled jobs in the Jenkins UI.

I hereby propose to ditch the plugin and it’s usage. If we encounter it being really needed in the future, we can research re-configuring the required actions with a supported plugin instead.

FWIW, the original “cleanup” infra task can be found at foreman-infra#491


I’ve opened a PR that drops this plugin and switches to upstream jjb: