Show Experimental Labs 3.0.1 doesnt work!

Hi all,

I activate “Show Experimental Labs” on settings page.
When I click on Lab Features → Launch loading wizrad. This takes more than minutes and its still loading…

Does anyone know why or have an idea ?

Thanks in advance


I think its a Bug!

The new host wizard page was never completed, this page was only a placeholder. We should probably remove it and only add it back once there is some content there. @Ron_Lavi what do you think?

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thanks for your answer @tbrisker .

I thinks its good idea! because I search also google a lot and I dont find anything related to it.
So the idea with removing is not bad :slight_smile:

Who actually wrote that page? oh right, it was me 2 years ago :upside_down_face:
I will open a PR to remove it.

you can try to use the new /hosts/register page if it helps.


thanks for your answer :smiley:
Can I also activate the Toolbox ? if yes how @Ron_Lavi

Being removed in

I think it should work for you if you automatically if you use a dev environment.
based on
The feature that currently is being used there is graphql console :slight_smile:

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WoW that was fast :smiley: thank you :slight_smile:

Can I change my foreman do dev in settings ?