Show puppet version on Host detail page

hi all,

its possible to show the puppet version on the host detail page:

Foreman and Proxy versions: foreman 3.6.1 , foreman-proxy 3.6.1

Distribution and version: Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS

thanks in advance

There are some issues for a New Host Details Tab. I would add suggests there as this is not possible yet.

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thanks for your answer @Dirk its possible on the All Hosts page ?

Unfortunately also no, but you can also ask for this at the plugin’s issues. The plugin is already adding a column for the environment, so it should be possible to add one for the fact puppetversion.

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you are right @Dirk I solve it with ruby-foreman-column-view plugin. Or do you mean other way? :slight_smile:

its possible to have a link there ?

its possible to have link there:

    :title: link to Portal
    :after: 0
    :content: link_to(_("Portal"), "https://mycustomlink?host=" + "#{host.facts['customfact']}"  , { :class => "btn btn-info", :target => '_blank' } )
    :eval_content: true
    :view: :hosts_properties

This doesnt work for me, do you have any suggestion for me ?


Column View is no longer a solution for this with the new host page as it is using a different technologie. The reason why I started the sunsetting of the plugin. So until there is a new solution (built-in or plugin), there is no real option to solve this.

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yes you are right, do you have any idea why the link_to doesnt work ?