Simple IPv6 provisioning setup


Foreman does not support IPv6 provisioning out of box, but I am thinking giving Full Host Bootdisk over IPv6 a try since this is all about an OS installer being able to dowload provisioning recipe and then packages over IPv6.

Since our installer doesn’t support IPv6 my thinking is installing Foreman normally (IPv4) and then either changing the interface to IPv6 or creating a new one and using NAT to translate the traffic. But this opens up can of works in multihoming area.

Anyone has tips, recommendations or comments for me in this regard?

Until 1.18 the proxy on EL7 didn’t bind to IPv6 and until Katello 3.9 as well. Nowadays it should just work with IPv6. My personal Foreman is running on IPv6-only (no public IPv4 address) but I don’t provision with it.

In general I don’t see any culprits to this approach. The major problems with IPv6 provisioning were on the dhcp/tftp layer iirc. But with bootdisk we would not have these particular problems. Let’s give it a shot. :slight_smile: