Single ESXi deployment


i have a question if somebody has tried VM deployment on a single ESXi or a vsphere with 1 ESXi?
In the documentation it is mentioned:
" Only VMware clusters using vSphere are supported, not standalone ESX or ESXi servers (#1945)."

see also:

Does this mean a cluster is required and vsphere with 1 esxi is not working?
Does somebody get VM deployment working on ESXi?

If i try to deploy a vm on esxi i get back an error “mac value is blank!”
So makes it sence to install vsphere?
I see some very old posts where someone has created a hack but maybe in latest releases this is working somehow(foreman version :1.24.2 esxi version 6.5.0)



as far as I know, deploying to a single standalone ESXi host is not possible.
This is (at least partially) due to how Foreman handles VSphere integration, which works heavily with VSphere exclusive Features (Clusters, Datacenters, etc). Afaik, it is possible though to have a VSphere Cluster in a VSphere Datacenter with a single ESXi host, but you would have to check with VMWare documentation to be sure.
If it has to be ESXi and not one of the other supported virtualisation solutions (like KVM via libvirt) that might support standalone hypervisors (I don’t have experience with compute resources other than VSphere), deploying a VCenter is probably your only choice to integrate with Foreman.



I can totally agree and add that it is possible to have a single node cluster in vCenter, so only way is to have a licensed vCenter up and running.

This is also what prevents me from setting up a demo for our sales department which use a separate platform with a single ESXi and HyperV.

If an alternative solution would be possible I run libvirt for my own environment and a colleague is using Proxmox. But be aware that the features of the Compute Resources vary and vSphere has perhaps the best coverage, e.g. you can change all virtual hardware from Foreman using vSphere and no changes at all using libvirt.


Thanks for the INFO