Single stack ipv6 build, Foreman 1.15+?

I'm trying to configure Foreman to build a host, using ipv6 only. First
off, is this possible? Secondly is there a walkthrough on a sample setup
for it? I've been having nothing but bad luck trying to get it working.
Biggest blocker seems to be with the "provisioning setup" it only lists the
ipv4 "provisioning network" to select.

Additionally when manually setting up the subnets/etc I get the following
error when submitting the new VM.

Unable to render PXELinux template 'Kickstart default PXELinux': bad URI(is
not URI?): http://XXXX:XXX:XXX:X:XXX:XXff:XX84:XXbd

Where that long string is the ipv6 address of the foreman server/proxy.