Site updates

Just did a round of updates:

  • We’re upgraded to latest version. Not much new, but group admins will find the group pages much better.
  • We now have the Local Dates plugin, which:
    • Is timezone aware
    • Supports recurrance, which some people may find handy for ad-hoc organising outside of the more-formal Events board.
  • Click Options > Insert Date while writing a post to get started. Here’s an example:
[date=2018-05-08 time=08:54 format=LLL timezones="Europe/Paris|Europe/London|America/New_York|Asia/Calcutta"]

Since the “Add Location” button has no easy-to-use preview, this may be handy:

We use the OpenCage geocoder, so whatever you use on this demo should work in the Add Location field. Be sure to use a Forward search :stuck_out_tongue: