Small foreman helmet logo in development env

Hey all,

A couple of us noticed that there is a small foreman hard hat logo in the development environment.


It seems to be related to recent changes in foreman-js npm packages:
@theforeman/vendor 4.1.0: Helmet logo is normal
@theforeman/vendor 4.2.0: Helmet logo is small
@theforeman/vendor 4.3.0: Helmet logo is small

@sharvit @amirfefer do you think this is related to our recent patternfly upgrades?

From an off-thread discussion, it sounds like will fix this

Please open a redmine issue, we have 4.3 packaged now so i expect we’ll see this also in production builds.

@tbrisker filed here! Bug #29630: Small Foreman logo with package changes - Foreman